UK Alliance for Disaster Research Annual Conference

Northumbria University

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New points of departure in transitioning disaster reduction and sustainability challenges

17–19 July 2019

University of Northumbria

This year the UKADR Conference combines with the Dealing with Disasters (DwD) Series, the UK Disasters Research Group (DRG) and the UK Collaborative for Development Research (UKCDR) in association with the resilience portfolio of the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).

Theme: new points of departure in transitioning disaster reduction and sustainability challenges

Coming soon after the United Nations Global Platform for DRR in May 2019 and ahead of the next Climate Summit in September 2019, this event is to enlighten progressive, research-driven actions.

The underlying area of inquiry addresses new points of departure for science and technology, political will and behaviour change initiatives, including the evidence base for action on systemic changes to the way people live with and take on disaster threats, and sustainability challenges.

We welcome wide-ranging inputs that may variously contribute to advancing sciences, arts, policy or practice inside or outside academia in engaging challenges of disaster risk reduction and sustainability. Contributions will variously bridge research findings, reflection and conjecture on what has and still can be done.

Panel and session themes will be allocated 90 minutes. Potential session and panel themes include:

  • influencing future investment and research funding
  • building the funder — researcher dynamic in the context of Global Challenges
  • horizon scanning and living with uncertainty
  • case studies of engagement and impact of DRR for sustainable development
  • framing global risk assessment
  • action data
  • health and wellbeing at the heart of DRR and sustainable development
  • health emergency and disaster risk management
  • risk communication
  • the youth voice for DRR
  • modelling simulated risks and effects
  • measuring community resilience
  • confronting vulnerability and marginalisation
  • disaster-proofing future living
  • integrated emergency management
  • climate change and disasters
  • disasters and global justice
  • sociology of disasters and development
  • culture and disasters
  • urban planning and resilience
  • conflict and disaster risk reduction
  • hazard mitigation
  • early warning, early action and precautionary approaches
  • recovery and rehabilitation
  • other areas (please specify)

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